Lawn Maintenance Calgary

Lawn Maintenance Calgary

Every summer people spend hours and hours maintaining their lawns. They want their lawns to look and feel excellent, to be at least as good as the neighbor’s lawn, and to be something they can take pride in at the end of the day.


Unfortunately, taking care of your lawn can be a frustrating enterprise. Not only do you have to worry about weeds, you have to worry about things like over-watering, brown spots, bare spots, compacted soil and a hundred other considerations.


If you have a lawn that seems particularly difficult to manage, you might need to get a professional consultation. Someone to recommend a certain type of fertilizer, irrigation system or system of lawn maintenance that will help you out. This is the case especially if you lead a busy or active lifestyle, and want your lawn looking great without having to constantly be outdoors taking care of it.


When you’re looking for someone to help you with your lawn, it’s important that you take your time so you find a professional that is genuinely passionate about bringing out the best in your outdoor space. There are all kinds of landscapers and lawn maintenance professionals out there, but the right one for you is going to pay close attention to your needs, and deliver on your expectations.


One of the easiest ways to determine if a lawn maintenance company is right for you is by getting a free estimate. By getting several free estimates, you can learn a lot more about your lawn, and be in the process of choosing your next irrigation system or maintenance professional. Remember to ask as many questions as you can about your lawn. The answers you receive in the course of a free estimate could be invaluable, and might put you on the right track to maintaining your lawn.


While the advice you receive from a lawn maintenance company might seem complicated in the beginning, it should save you time and money in the long run. Implementing irrigation systems, switching to different fertilizers, aerating your compacted soil, all of it should serve to make your lawn easier to manage, and will allow you to enjoy your lawn rather than working on it all the time.


If you want to know more about lawn maintenance Calgary, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done a lot of research on lawn maintenance Calgary companies and are happy to share what we know.

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Fall season Care Package:
To include aerating, spring fertilizer, summer weed
application, fall fertilizer, weekly mowing & trimming.

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With 5 years of experience and proven success, we look forward to the future with continuing to provide a respected and beautiful landscaping and irrigation product for both our commercial and residential customers.


We have done an incredible job to develop high profile properties such as the 4-points Sheraton in Calgary and McArthurs Fine Furniture in Airdie. We helped to create two phenomenal landscaped properties with the recognition that a customer is judging your business by how it looks before they even pass through your doors.


Everyone has a passion and mine is creating a beautiful, green product. With utilizing the latest technology in irrigation, we can co-create a water saving beautiful product. A beautiful product is firstly defined by what your wants and needs are. That is where I have created my success. My customer testimonials have always commented on my personable character and how I pay attention to the details demanded in each unique situation. I love to work with people and you will see this evident in my dealings with you. I won’t leave your job until we are both satisfied that the vision that was created has been met.

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